Our Partners

An organization like 1DOS is driven by its members and their dedication.  We work hard to give challenges and opportunities to succeed to our members; one way we do this is through our corporate partners.  These organizations share our dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle.  At times, we offer cross promotions with our partners as well.

Would you like to partner with 1DOS?  Contact us at amy@1dos.org.

Owned and operated by our very own shark, Lee Stein, LSS Luscious Knits offers gorgeous handknit accessories, knitting patterns and handmade ice-dyed garments, accessories and home decor! 

Shop at www.etsy.com/shop/LSSLusciousKnits and learn about the life behind the work at lsslusciousknits.com


Jade Yoga produces eco-friendly, top quality yoga mats with superior grip.  Check them out at https://jadeyoga.com/

1DOS members can get a special offer on this page.



Forward Fitness is a new apparel company committed to the notion that we all go through tough times in life but we keep moving and stay strong.

Team 1DOS members can click here for special offers!

Our own Addie Palmer is a licensed massage therapist, and operates her own spa.


Corolla Adventure Park is located on the Outer Banks, Corolla, North Carolina.  This challenging rope course and adventure park will give you a great workout!