So, what’s with all the sharks?

Sharks are always moving forward.  Yes, fine, Mr. Smart Guy, not ALL sharks have to constantly move forward.  It’s a metaphor, man!!  

Seriously, though, sharks are our spirit animal because they are viewed as single-minded, moving towards their target despite the obstacles that come into their path.  They don’t quit, and neither will we.  While sharks aren’t necessarily known as nurturing animals, many types of shark are social and hunt in groups.  (How do you like that, Mr. Smart Guy!)

Just like those sharks, we support each other and strive to achieve our goals as a pack because we believe we are stronger together.  That makes us stronger individually, as well.  And just like those sharks, if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.  

Also, a group of sharks is called a shiver (hey, you learned something today!).  So we call ourselves the Shiver, 1DOS, sharks…  They all fit!