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What's Next? | 1DOS

What’s Next?

What sharky challenges are coming up next for 1DOS?

We are developing a calendar of all upcoming activities and challenges.  We are currently in our Heart of the Matter challenge, leading up to a virtual 5K around Valentine’s Day.  More challenges and activities are in the works!


What have we done already?

We have had a couple of exciting and successful challenges already, starting with our First Annual C25K event. Next in line was the I Thought You Said “Rum” challenge (both these pages are for registered users only), wrapping up July 23.  On July 24, in conjunction with Shark Week (of course!) the What’s Your Point? Wellness Challenge launched to huge member success. Pounds and inches left the building, replaced by self-confidence and overall wellness.

August 26 saw your 1DOS Spartan team complete their trifectas in West Virginia.  It was tough, but so worth it.  You should join us next year!!!


Next in line?  The 2 Week Family Challenge.   – registered 1DOS members click here for a special offer.


Our members were so fired up by What’s Your Point, and so disappointed by it ending, that they wanted another challenge.  Well, you asked for it… here it is.  It’s the 1DOS Running Shark Virtual 5k – run into fall!  Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/team-1dos-virtual-5k-run-into-fall-tickets-37584971662 

Registered 1DOS members, click here for special offers.

Check back to see our updated calendar!