What’s Your Point? The Direction of Self Challenge

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This is a wellness challenge where the crack coaching staff of Team 1DOS will ask you, what’s your point? Being healthy is not all about fad dieting and weight loss. It is about eating right, moving more, caring for yourself and finding a team of likeminded sharks to help you along.

What will you get? Six weeks of comprehensive coaching on diet, exercise, motivation and self care along with team challenges to help you truly find direction to a healthier you with a little fun on the side, and of course limited edition Team 1DOS Direction of Self 2017 swag.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to A Chance to Dream, a very active mission in Haiti that not only provides traditional services to the Haitian people such as food clinics and health clinics, their founder Linda Sheppard has combined Crossfit with her psychology background to empower otherwise oppressed poverty stricken people to believe in themselves and see a much brighter future.

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